GPS Package Tracking

An intelligent solution that helps 3PLs, courier companies, freight forwarders and other stakeholders enhance the security of packages and streamline their operations.

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Easy to use
In just 3 simple steps, our package tracking solution can provide real-time GPS data to enhace package security and provide visibility on the whole delivery process.
  • Active the tracker.
  • Put the tracker into your package.
  • Track on platform/APP.
The visibility into your packages
Unlike the outdated methods, a powerful GPS tracking device and a cloud tracking platform enable you to effectively monitor different packages on the go as the data of their locations are reported in real-time. Quick response can be achieved by checking locations on the APP/platform when customers ask about the delivery time. You also could send notification of possible delays to customers in advance if necessary. Never suffer from package lost, misplaced or stealing parcels. You can track the location, movement, and condition of your packages at your finger trip in the whole delivery process. With high-precise GPS tracking terminal, you gain visibility of packages moving through distribution centers, and get rid of tracking worries about the poor GPS signal areas, including warehouses, internal crates, tunnel.
The visibility into your packages
The security of packages
When shipping the valuables, it's very sensitive if a parcel has been unpacked and re-sealed. It is not only an invasion of privacy but also increases the risk of losing or replacing packages. A light sensor helps as it judges unpacking by detecting light exposure, allowing you to take prompt response to minimize the negative influence of unauthorized unpacking. With multiple alerts, GPS tracker help you pay close attention to the package, keep you informed when abnormal incidents happen and bring you peace of mind.
The security of packages
Hardware Features
We offer different products and solutions based on different scenarios and your specific requirements.
Real-time tracking
Real-time tracking Monitor your packages at any time.
Geo-fence Alert you when the packages are out of geographical fence.
Low battery alert
Low battery alert Alert you when the remaining battery of tracker is lower than threshold.
Rugged and reliable design
Rugged and reliable design Keep functioning in rough conditions.
Multiple tracking modes
Multiple tracking modes Different modes based on your needs.
Compact design
Compact design Suitable for a wide range of packages so that you don’t have to worry about packing space.
GPS Package Tracking
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