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Driving Behavior Analysis
A comprehensive and professional driving behavior detection system helps fleet managers directly judge whether drivers have been driving recklessly. If they do, managers will immediately get alerted and monitor the road and the cabin from the live videos streamed from the installed dash cams. If circumstances require, the managers can take actions to deliver accident avoidance promptly.
Driving behavior analysis
Harsh accelerationHarsh acceleration
Harsh brakingHarsh braking
Harsh corneringHarsh cornering
Sudden lane change Sudden lane change
Roll and pitchRoll and pitch
AI-enabled Driver Monitor (DMS)
The fleet safety solution uses an AI-enabled dash camera to help monitor the driver attentiveness and alert them by warning sounds if they are not paying attention to the road ahead. The manager at the back office will get a notification of any attentiveness-related event and can interfere accordingly to reduce risks and protect the drivers. Learn more
AI-enabled Driver Monitor (DMS)
Phone usePhone use
Look downLook down
Look aroundLook around
Driver Coaching
With the analytics of and reports on drivers' improper driving practices, fleet managers can choose to make these data transparent among drivers to enhance safe driving awareness across the team, or introduce incentive programs to reward well-behaved drivers to create the right atmosphere for better driving.
AI video(DMS)
Fleet Safety
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