Fleet Safety
Fleet Safety Solution Help reduce risk, coach driver and improve the safety of your fleet at all time
Driver Behavior Analysis
Comprehensive and professional driving behavior analysis system helps fleet managers directly judge whether drivers have driven dangerously. Managers will get alerted immediately once abnormal vehicle status happens, and they can monitor the driving cab by watching the live video recorded by Dash Cam. If necessary, managers can take corresponding measures to deliver accident avoidance promptly.
Driver behavior analysis
Harsh accelerationHarsh acceleration
Harsh brakingHarsh braking
Harsh corneringHarsh cornering
Sudden lane change Sudden lane change
Roll and pitchRoll and pitch
AI Video(DMS)
With the support of AI, intelligent video solutions can judge and classify events and alert administrators to track the occurrence of accidents, so that management can obtain more data and reduce risks. Learn more
AI video(DMS)
Phone callingPhone calling
Look downLook down
Look aroundLook around
Driver Coaching
After the perception of drivers’ improper driving habits, managers can make those records transparent among drivers to awaken or enhance their awareness of safe driving, or take an introduction of proper incentive system to stimulate drivers, thus improving their driving habits and warning them to pay more attention.
AI video(DMS)
Fleet Safety
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