Fleet Efficiency
Fleet Efficiency Solution Gain real-time visibility to keep your vehicles up, costs down
Preventative Maintenance
Vehicles equipped with Jimi telematics devices can be integrated into fleet tracking platforms i.e. Tracksolid, enabling fleet owners identify, predict issues by monitoring engine hours, mileage accumulation and fuel consumption to quickly manage maintenance, observe trends across fleets, avoid unnecessary breakdowns and extend vehicle lifecycles.
Driver behavior analysis
Fuel Monitoring
Fuel-efficiency driving matters to every fleet. When the ultrasonic fuel level sensor or capacitance fuel level sensor is connected to the Jimi telematics devices, accurate fuel consumption reports include fuel tank shape, oil amount and instant fuel theft alert can be viewed on fleet tracking platform/APP, allowing fleet manager to analyze fuel consumption data, optimize fuel costs and prevent fuel theft.
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Geofencing gives fleet manager real-time auto alerts when a vehicle or asset enters and leaves the selected areas, timely-delivery can be achieved by facilitating fleet managers to keep track of the routes and optimize route planning.
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Data and Reports
Data collected from your fleets generate comprehensive reports everyday, which provide fleet manager direct insight into fleet efficiency to measure and analyze the right data at the right time so as to make business-critical decisions on constantly moving assets.
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Multiple I/Os for Peripherals
LED warning light, speed governor, temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, as well as RFID reader can be attached to Jimi vehicle telematics devices, which empowering fleet manager to effectively monitor real-time vehicle status and staff attendance via web browser/APP/SMS.
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Organizational Performance
By using your fleet reports as a metric to measure the performance of your team, you can eliminate side jobs, personal errands and other unauthorized use of company-owned assets, coach and reward your team, thus boosting overall fleet utilization and running a more efficient fleet.
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Fleet Efficiency
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