Construction & Heavy Equipment
Construction & Heavy Equipment Deliver high-quality projects on time and budget
Gain Maximum Visibility And Control
With dashcam, you can monitor the status of your fleet and assets anytime, anywhere. At the same time, you can increase the maximum utilization rate of the fleet and ensure the construction projects delivery on time.
Gain Maximum Visibility And Control
Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking You can track assets from trucks to heavy equipment in real time.  

Remote Control

Remote Control The operator controls all machines remotely through one cloud-based dashboard, making it more efficient. 

Usage Logs

Usage Logs Working data analysis and control of all aspects of the project can reduce the risk of errors and improve work efficiency.

Maximize Your Fleet Performance
By taking predictive measures, you are able to maximize the use of the fleet, allowing your fleet always in the best working state and maintaining stable income.
Maximize Your Fleet Performance
Mileage Statistics

Mileage Statistics With mileage statistics, you can clearly determine when to take preventive maintaining, elongating your equipment uptime.

Bid Jobs More Accurately

Bid Jobs More Accurately Bid more accurately on jobs when you gain visibility into equipment utilization, performance and productivity.

Reduce Overall Spend
Through visual video data management analysis, optimized management of asset equipment, streamline the project process, you can save unnecessary expenses.
Reduce Overall Spend

Geo-fence Geo-fence prevents vehicles from being stolen and keeps you informed of security and alert information you need. 

Avoid Unnecessary Equipment Rental

Avoid Unnecessary Equipment Rental With visibility and data, you can understand the utilization report at any time, avoid unnecessary equipment rental and reduce project cost.

Keep Your Team Safe
Use dashcam to ensure the safety of your driver and workers on the worksite, and commit your fleet compliance.
Keep Your Team Safe
Panic Button

Panic Button It allows drivers to alert fleet managers in the event of an emergency or compromising situation.

Driver Behaviors Monitoring

Driver Behaviors Monitoring The dashcam can monitor the driver's improper driving behaviors, such as harsh acceleration, hard deceleration, and sharp turns.


DMS Use DMS technology to monitor driver fatigue driving and distracted driving, such as playing mobile phones, smoking, etc.

Construction & Heavy Equipment

JC500 is specifically designed for heavy duty vehicles. As a construction fleet tool, it helps control your project from all aspects, including delivering as scheduled, saving cost, safety, etc.

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Construction & Heavy Equipment
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