Car Rental
CAR RENTAL MANAGEMENT Innovate conventional car rental operations to realize more revenues and higher efficiency
Reduce Cost on Vehicle Loss and Installation
Through real-time positioning and tracking of leased vehicles, car rental company can get better understanding of car's status. In case of abnormal conditions, the platform will send out alarm, ensuring the security of vehicles and reducing losses.
Driver behavior analysis
Boost Vehicle Security

Real-time GPS Tracking and Instant Alert Car leasing company can view all vehicle positions on GPS tracking platform Tracksolid simultaneously.
If the car is stolen, you can leverage GPS tracker to confirm the location and recover the stolen vehicle. 

Save Labor Cost

Geofence The car rental company can set up geofences on the platform. When the renter drives to the places, such as auto loan or pledge agent, the car rental company can receive the alarm, and then reduce the loss caused by illegal vehicles mortgage or sale.

Save Labor Cost

Easy Installation Wireless GPS tracker is easy to install, which can save your cost and time on labor force. Without wiring, car rental company can keep the vehicle at original wire condition, make it possible to perform secondary sales and earn extra income. 

Optimize Car Rental Management
With predictive strategy, you can elongate your leased vehicles. The flexible rental contract enables you to meet customized requirements for all clients. By streamlining management, car rental company can maximize business performance.
AI video(DMS)
Preventative Maintenance Notification

Preventative Maintenance You can arrange regular and preventative maintenance based on the vehicle-renting frequency and engine condition before failure occurs, and optimize rental uptime. 

Comprehensive Regulation

Multiple Asset Tracker and Customized Contract According to the contract period, no matter several weeks, a month, or more, car leasing company can flexibly choose the most suitable asset tracking devices with different battery capacity and cover the contract time.

Provide Data Insights
Data dashboard helps you find out potential problems at a glance, take data-driven measures accordingly, and make you stand out from the competitive car rental industry.
Driver behavior analysis
Boost Vehicle Security

All-in-one Data Report With the all-in-one data dashboard, you can quickly find the overdue vehicle, notify customer and avoid loss. Also, you can better understand driving condition of the vehicle during rental periods, such as improper driving reports, and then minimize potential risks or claim for compensation from the customer.

Save Labor Cost

Make Data-driven Decisions With data insight, you can make data-driven decisions. It can not only enhance your car rental services, but also help you stand out from competition.  

Car Rental
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