Official & Enterprise
Official and enterprise solution Make managers of official and enterprise fleets take more efficient measures that would not have been thought of without this technology
A bridge to connect managers and vehicles
The platform gives managers access to interact with vehicles through intermediary devices which collect and upload vehicle data, and act as per managers commands.
Smarter Driver, Smarter Vehicle
Driver Behavior Analysis

Properly send mission Vehicles or drivers may on task regularly, managers who want to assign mission can check platform to choose those which are idle

Driver Behavior Analysis

Reduce private use By the double assurance of both real-time location and authorized-to-drive, the private use of official vehicles can be effectively reduced

Driver Coaching

Loss Avoidance It’s easy for managers to obtain the real-time vehicle locations on platform, and with different hardware and software on vehicle, loss is counteracted at the very beginning

Safety for both drivers and vehicles
By the new technologies this solution provides, verbal reminding of safety can be a thing of past, instead, the practical data-driven standard is potent to eliminate driving dangers
Reduce Expenses On Car Accidents, Thefts And Fraud
Real Time Tracking

Driver authorization Drivers are supposed to start the vehicle which installed RFID or card reader with a “key” that has been authorized by managers, thereby managers know when and which drivers drove.

HD 1080p Video Recording

Driver Behavior Analysis By sensing and analyzing the vehicle speed, accelerated speed and angle of different axis, this system send alerts that indicate improper driving behaviors to platform

Event To Cloud

Driver Coaching By the records of driving behaviors on platform, managers are allowed to assess the driving habits of different drivers and take necessary measures to strengthen their safety mindset

A solution to balance expenditure and performance
Intrinsically, cost and performance are the two extremes that contradicted with each other. This solution aims to cut redundant cost and optimize fleet-raise cost structure
Enhance Underwriting And Claims Management Ability
Data-driven Underwriting Decisions

Find out the optimal vehicle quantity Periodic report of vehicle usage frequency can be easily loaded, managers can analyze the data and find out the optimal vehicle quantity, and make according decisions.


Preventative maintenance The pay to repair when car is broken down is much higher than the pay to regular maintenance for avoiding car breakdown. The usage report allows managers to know the vehicles that have to be maintained

Data-driven Underwriting Decisions

Fuel monitoring By the installed fuel sensor, managers can be aware of the situation immediately when fuel level is low or fuel level has decreased harshly, then remedy can be sent at once.

Official & Enterprise
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