VG502 – Basic Tracker With Great Power

VG502 – Basic Tracker With Great Power


We are glad to present you with the newest JimiIoT OBDII tracker – VG502.

Featuring 2G, GNSS, BLE 4.0 connection, this plug-n-play tracker is specifically designed for company/official cars, private cars, and usage-based insurance (UBI) policies, offering powerful features at a lower price. Install it in just a few seconds and use it for virtually any passenger car, helping realize mass deployments with lower labor costs and time requirements.

Built with the UBI-based algorithm, the VG502 can detect 4 or 8 kinds of dangerous driving behavior depending on your needs. Moreover, the device is compatible with the Inertial Navigation System (INS), which allows constant tracking in areas with poor GPS signals or even without them, enabling the monitoring of vehicles’ locations in real-time.

Key features:

OnBoard Diagnostics – helping you to know the status of your vehicle such as real odometer and real fuel level data in real-time.

GPS & BDS Positioning – two complementary positioning systems ensure that locations are accurately displayed on the cloud platform.

Driving Behavior Analysis – detection of up to 8 kinds of dangerous driving behavior, helps you monitor how your vehicles are being driven and improve drivers’ driving skills.

Event-Triggered Alerts – for more visibility to your fleet and drivers, offering instant alerts for atypical events such as collision, speeding and geo-fence entry/exit.

Altogether, with this cost-efficient device, you will get more value without paying a premium, and the features of the VG502 will prove valuable in managing passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and corporate fleet.

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