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Smart Home Control System - Smart Security
Jimi loTJimi loT2019-05-22

The core needs of smart homes are safety, comfort and health, so intelligent security systems are very important subsystems. Coupled with the recent frequent child abuse incidents in kindergartens, perhaps using modern technology can reduce the incidence of such incidents.

The purpose of intelligent security is to protect the safety of people and things in the family. From the perspective of hardware products, the smart home security system is composed of various sensors, security function products, networks, network devices, and cloud servers.

From the software system point of view, the entire smart home security system can be divided into: intelligent security alarm system, intelligent security video surveillance system, intelligent security video intercom system, intelligent security access control management system.

The installation of the intelligent security system enables the family to see, speak, listen, and record.

Intelligent security anti-theft alarm system

Components: 1, infrared intrusion detector

Infrared intrusion detectors are mainly used to prevent illegal intrusion. The detectors generally use pyroelectric human infrared sensors. The working principle is mainly human body infrared monitoring. In fact, there are objects in nature, such as the human body, flames, ice, etc., which emit infrared rays, but the wavelengths are different. Using different wavelengths, the infrared radiation of the human body constantly changes the temperature of the pyroelectric material so that it outputs one signal after another. The pyroelectric human infrared sensor is characterized in that it only changes its temperature when it is caused by external radiation. Only a corresponding electrical signal is given. When the temperature changes tend to be stable, there will be no signal output, so the signal generation will not change with the change of its own temperature, but will be sensitive to the moving human body, thus detecting The movement of the human body.

2, door magnetic, window magnetic sensor

The door magnetic system is also one of the more widely used security systems, generally including door magnetism and window magnetism. Door magnetic and window magnetic are actually the abbreviation of magnetic switch and window magnetic switch. Mainly composed of the door magnetic body and the magnetic control strip.

When the control is started, once the magnetic strip and the magnetic body of the door are separated, a corresponding signal is generated, which is transmitted to the device through the network, thereby reminding.

3, smoke detector

This kind of detector is mainly used to detect visible or invisible combustion products and initial fires with slow fire speed. There are four types of ion, photoelectric, laser and infrared beam.

4, gas sensor

A gas sensor is a transducer that converts a certain gas volume fraction into a corresponding electrical signal. The probe conditioned the gas sample through a gas sensor, typically including filtering out impurities and interfering gases, drying or cooling the meter display portion. A gas sensor is a device that converts information such as the composition and concentration of a gas into information that can be used by people, instruments, computers, and the like!

5, water immersion sensor

The water immersion sensor is based on the principle of liquid conduction. The electrode is used to detect the presence of water, and then the sensor is converted into a dry contact output. Generally divided into contact water immersion detectors and non-contact water immersion detectors. Contact type water immersion detectors are tested using the principle of liquid conductivity. , Non-contact water immersion detectors, using the principle of refraction and reflection of light in different media sections.

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