PTT phone makes COVID-19 prevention more efficient
Jimi loTJimi loT2020-04-08

At present, the COVID-19 fight is still in progress. Emergency management, dispatching and treatment tasks are extremely heavy. Epidemic prevention propaganda cannot be ignored. The influx of rescue personnel and materials make law enforcement department workload, and emergency communications are under unprecedented pressure.

Whether it is the medical staff who is directly facing the patient, the security officer who takes on the community mission, or the police on duty, they are exposed to dangerous environments every day. The more times close contact, the greater the risk of infection. However, timely communication among the staff is essential in the fight against COVID-19.

To this end, relevant institutions including law enforcement departments, hospitals, and community security organizations have adopted public network intercom services for work deployment, remote scheduling, and information sharing. The public network intercom equipment is used in epidemic prevention, which reduced direct contact and ensured the necessary emergency communication.


Based on data transmission, Jimi PTT phone can realize a series of functions such as real-time communication, multi-session, temporary talk, visual communication within the coverage of the wireless networks, realizing push-to-talk and flexible grouping. Through Jimi PTT Phone equipment, the staff on the site against COVID-19 can realize one-to-one calls, group intercom and multi-channel conversations, etc. Jimi PTT phone can also enable video dialogue and multimedia message transmission to facilitate timely communication, live pictures sharing, and remote communication, etc. 

PTT phone can take emergency communication tasks in hospitals, communities, and cities, providing strong support for communication and scheduling requirements during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention process. It effectively reduces the close contact between personnel, thereby greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection. It can also greatly improve work efficiency and efficiently schedule multiple resources. Not only can it provide high-quality communication services for medical staff, but it can also help police in law enforcement effectively and play an important role in the work of community security. 
In the current COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control fight, a wide variety of Internet of Things intelligent terminals play an important role in many aspects of epidemic prevention and control. At present, we have launched a number of PTT Phones, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios. Jimi IoT is here with you and let's fight together!

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