Police walkie-talkie performance requirements
Jimi loTJimi loT2019-05-18

For public security communications, the use of police walkie-talkies is relatively common, which requires that the walkie-talkie equipped with the police is not only clear, but also the working hours of the battery must be long. On the other hand, due to the special nature of public security work, the walkie-talkie is required to be basically in working state for 24 hours. Therefore, in general, a spare battery will be provided, which is usually in a fully charged state.

Due to the special nature of police work, there are often some unexpected situations, such as collisions, falls, etc., so whether the walkie-talkie is durable or not is the primary consideration.

Secondly, the waterproofing, fire-fighting and other departments of the intercom are required to be explosion-proof, to withstand high temperatures, waterproof, easy to carry, do not take up hands. These are mainly related to the particularity of fire fighting work. For example, the explosion-proof characteristics ensure that the machine can be used normally under the high temperature of the fire field; the waterproofing is because the fire rescue work will use a lot of water, which will inevitably make the walkie-talkie wet; and it is convenient to carry because the firefighters themselves carry some fire fighting. The tool, the walkie-talkie is best to have a special wearing clip to wear it on the body, easy to operate, voice quality will not be affected by the complex environment and location of the fire.

The antenna is also an important component of whether the walkie-talkie can accept the information intact. It not only requires good receiving performance, but also requires its durable nature. Therefore, it is best to use an anti-aging and high-temperature resistant antenna for the police intercom, so as to ensure that the communication can be maintained even in a harsh environment, which helps to improve the efficiency of the policing.

In summary, high-quality accessories are also a key factor for the use of walkie-talkies, especially police walkie-talkies.

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