Everything You Want to Know about GSM / NB-IoT / LoRa Ear Tag GPS Tracker
Jimi loTJimi loT2019-09-19
Product introduction
4 transmission methods: BLE, GSM, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN
5 positioning modes: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, LBS, BLE
Applicable groups: cattle, sheep, horses, camels, dogs, pets, etc
Features: waterproof, dustproof, long endurance
Color: yellow

Accessories: can be equipped with tape

Product application topology (NB-IoT /GSM)
1. Low power Bluetooth headset based on BLE will continuously broadcast the identity ID to the surrounding area;
2. Upload data of ear tags animal GPS tracker
Based on the LoRaWAN/ NB-IoT /GSM ear tags animal GPS tracker, the self-generated integrated GPS/BeiDou chip can obtain the precise position (5m).
As the main Bluetooth device, it can scan the ID and data of the Bluetooth ear tags broadcast. However, the broadcast distance of Bluetooth is limited, so it can be concluded that the scanned Bluetooth ear tags are near the positioning earmark. The precise location of the positioning earmark can be used as the approximate site of the Bluetooth ear tag.
GPS data, sensor data, early warning data and scanned Bluetooth headset data are uploaded to LoRaWAN communication base station/mobile communication base station through LoRaWAN/ Nb-IoT /GSM network.
3. LoRaWAN base station/mobile communication base station will send the data to the App server;
4. Through big data processing and analysis, the cloud platform pushes alarm or status notification messages to end-users through SMS or App.

Q: What's the size and weight of the ear tag?
A: Length * width * height: 66mm*44mm*11mm; Weight: about 30g
Q: What is the waterproof grade of ear tags?
A: IP67
Q: What is the operating temperature range of ear tags?
A: -40 ~ 60 degrees
Q: How to install the ear tag?
A: Right now it's in the ear. In the future, collar and strap support will be available.
Q: What is the backup battery capacity of ear tag?
A: Different versions have different configurations, and the maximum can be up to 500mAh;
Q: Do I need to change the battery or take it off to charge it?
A: The ear tag is powered by solar energy. When there is sunlight, it will automatically charge the small battery inside the ear tag. There is no need to replace the battery or take it off to charge.
Q: How long can the built-in backup battery of the earphone last in case of continuous cloudy and rainy days when the solar energy is not charged?
A: (1) The duration of the ear tag is related to the frequency of data reporting. The more frequent reporting, the shorter the duration;
 (2) Generally uploading one position per hour can last 7 ~ 10 days;
 (3) In order to maximize the endurance time and reporting cycle, ear tag supports dynamic adjustment of reporting frequency according to the weather forecast in the next 10 days;
Q: What is the frequency of ear tag data collection and uploading?
A: The default is to collect and upload one data per hour. Of course, the motion data will be collected all the time. Users can set the uploading frequency according to their needs. The uploading frequency is consistent with the collection frequency.
Q: How long will ear tags last?
A: The design lifetime of ear tag is generally 5 to 7 years.

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