How to replace the platform for the Android public network cluster walkie-talkie?
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The public network walkie-talkie is a national wireless intercom based on the public network CDMA or GPRS. It is not limited by the intercom distance and can achieve the effect of multi-person simultaneous dialogue. But for buying a public network walkie-talkie you should know these things:

Public Safety Series

First, the origin and general situation of the public network walkie-talkie:

The public network intercom is an intercom technology based on the public network, which can realize nationwide intercom, but the actual situation is that the SIM (China Telecom) card in a certain region cannot cover the whole country 100%. Divided into three points to interpret:

1. The earliest public network walkie-talkie was developed based on the base station. Although the coverage of the base station is strong, it cannot be covered 100%. There must be a lost area.

2. Due to the problems of communication operators around the country, there have been problems in many areas. Namely: there is no network connection for mobile phone signals. This situation is mostly for equipment that requires 2G signal network coverage. The reason is the problem of synchronization number between telecom servers in various regions. Generally, all the segments in the first-tier cities are well-identified, and second- and third-tier cities are hard to say, especially in It is used in small and medium-sized cities, but it cannot be satisfied in such places as the basement.

3. In view of the above two points, it is recommended that customers purchase the public network intercom at the same time, first of all, to ensure that the environment in which you use the carrier's signal quality is better, when choosing the public network walkie-talkie, it is recommended to choose 4G full Netcom products. Because such products are compatible with electric networks after all, the choice of such products is relatively large.

Second, on the platform of the public network walkie-talkie:

This is very important for the platform of the public network walkie-talkie, so there are a few words here. The platform is a must-have, platform implementation, data forwarding; system functions such as machine grouping, voice scheduling, positioning, track playback, recording, etc. The terminal without the platform is a chicken rib. Imagine, if there is no platform support, how to achieve more functions, how to enter the operator system? It is better to buy an ordinary walkie-talkie than that. If you want to implement more functions, you will definitely have a platform!

Platform classification, the platform is divided into many: Qchat, Gota, Echat, Smart-PPT... Some products use 3G traffic, some use 2G traffic, and some use self-built base stations (relay). It is best to choose the platform of 4G Full Netcom. For other platforms,

Third, the flow card

The flow card, which is well understood, is the channel between the channel, the terminal and the platform. To make a metaphor: the terminal is equivalent to a car running on a highway, and the goods pulled on the car is our voice. The platform is a large transit library that is responsible for class distribution. The traffic card is the highway authority, responsible for charging. Of course, there are also platform vendors that charge fees! Understand! In fact, the flow card is divided into two types: directional and non-directional:

Non-directional traffic card: It is what we usually call "omnidirectional card". This type of card traffic card has no IP restriction and does not need to consider the problem of IP binding.

Directional card flow card: refers to the need to establish a connection with the network when using the public network platform for intercom purposes. Such cards may require the IP address of the server node to be bound due to operator restrictions, so that data can be transmitted with the server. Connect, get a response, meet our normal use of the walkie-talkie, and vice versa can not establish a data connection can not connect to the server.

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