JC200 Manual: Read This To Find How Easy Is Dash Cam To Use.

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Just getting started? We recommend reading the JC200 manual that will guide you through everything you need to know about your Jimi dash camera.

1) First, keep the windows clean and dust-free. Tear off one side of the protective mask and stick it to the window for 24 hours;
2) Then, tear off the other side of the protective mask and glue the bracket with 3M;
3) Finally, attach the bracket to the protective mask and connect camera JC200.



About SIM card:

Must use the Micro SIM Card.

1.Power on
When device power off: insert the TF card (class 10 or above, max 32GB) and Micro-SIM (SIM card needs to be able to connect GSM 850/900/1800/1900 or WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 network).
Connect the power cable B+ and GND to the vehicle battery’s positive pole +12V and GND to the negative pole. ACC is connected with the vehicle ignition signal. Device power on automatically after vehicle engine started.
If ACC OFF, the device is in sleep.
ACC ON Device runs and records automatically
ACC OFF : Video recording is not available. Device is in sleeping mode.
Storage: Video footage will be saved in SD card every 3 minutes.
Normally, footage are saved in
DVRMEDIA CarRecorder GENERAL. (main camera)
DVRMEDIA CarRercorder USB. (sub camera)
ACC ON:Hotspot is default OFF. Hotspot name is the IMEI while the password is the last eight digits of IMEI.
ACC OFF, Hotspot off.
When SD card is full, previous records will be overwritten.
If the internal storage space is less than 800MB,there will be a voice prompt.
If strong vibration detected (crash),the recording time will be 15s longer and footage will be saved to DVRMEDIA CarRecorder EVENT.
Memory of the folder EVENT is 1GB.Records in EVENT will be cyclically overwritten.
There will be voice prompt in every 5 minutes if the device has no TF card, damaged TF card or insufficient memory.
3.Live video streaming
4.WIFI hotspot:
Remote live video via APP or Web.
ACC ON:Hotspot is default OFF. Hotspot name is the IMEI while the password is the last eight digits of IMEI.
ACC OFF, Hotspot off.
5.Vibration alarm
ACC ON: Alarm and indicators will stop immediately.
5 minutes delay and vibration alarm will be turned on. If vibration detected, device will alarm in 10s.
If ACC ON within 10 seconds, the alarm will be canceled and vibration alarm will be turned off.
If no ACC ON within 10 seconds, the device will alarm for 30 seconds and alarm LED will flickers quickly. At the same time, push notifications will be sent to APP.
As soon as the ACC ON, the alarm will end and vibration alarm will be turned off.
Within 1 minute after the alarm ends, if vibration detected, no alarm will be triggered while LED still flickers;1 minute later, the alarm will be turned on again.
6.SOS alarm
Firstly, set the SOS numbers by APP. Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to call the pre-set the 3 SOS numbers circularly till one of them is answered.
7.Remote fuel/power cutoff
Condition: device is positioning and vehicle’s speed is less than 20KM/h. Following the below wiring instruction:
Send command by APP to cut off the fuel/power.


Operation condition
Before operation, please ensure the device is positioning and the car speed is less than less than 20KM/h. Connect the wires according to the above instruction, and send command to petrol/fuel by APP.
1) The standard power supply of the device is 12V-24VDC. Please use the original power cord provided by the manufacturer. The red cable is the positive pole of the power supply and the black is the negative pole of the power supply. The negative power supply (black) should be connected to the ground.
2) The ACC wire (yellow) is connected to the ACC the vehicle for ignition/flameout detection.
3) The petrol/fuel cut-off control wire (green line) of the device is connected to pin 86 on the relay (i.e. thin yellow line on the relay socket)

Open www.car-matirx.com or Car Matrix App.
Enter account name and password to login. Devices bound, IMEI and other related information can be viewed on the page.

Car Matrix APP Manual
Coupled with functions like real-time tracking, playback, remote snapshot and video, monitoring, geo-fence and multiple alerts, Car Matrix APP keeps an eye on your vehicles anytime anywhere.

Login & Add device

After the installation is complete, Tap the App CarMatrix to enter login page.

For first-time users, please register. Enter your email where verify code is about to send. Enter the code and click Next to set your password. Register is finished.


Scan the QR code on the Jimi JC200 to add device.

Positioning page

Click“Trips”, “Tracking”, “Switch”, as shown below:

Click setting

Item Function
Positioning Vehicle management, location, route
Device List All the devices online / offline
Geo Fence Geo fence setting on/off
Live Video View live-streaming video
Remote Picture Issue command to take picture that would be
sent to APP
Remote Picture Issue command to record video that would be
sent to APP
Media Center Synchronization with device for video and
picture data
Notification Check the alert content
Setting Command sending /Alert function/ Help/
Clear cache /App version info


Click “Geo-fence” in menu screen, as shown below:

Click “ Live Video” in menu screen, as shown below:


Live View needs 3G Network or better WIFI. If the Network speed does not meet this demand, the screen will be some non-smooth or delayed.

Click “Remote Picture” in menu screen, as shown below:

Click “Remote video” in menu screen, as shown below:

Click “Media Center” in menu screen, as shown below:

Click “Notification” in menu screen, as shown below:

Click “Setting ” in menu screen, as shown below:

Command Default Command  Format   Instruction
PARAM No PARAM#666666 Reply: IMEI , GPS upload interval,
STATUS No STATUS#666666 Reply: GPS signal, GSM signal,
ACC status
PASSWORD 666666 PASSWORD#666666#<B> eg:PASSWORD#666666#123456
RECOVER 999999 RECOVER#999999 Default password is 666666
ADD SOS A SOS#666666#A#
Phone number

Phone number

port>#<numeric>Generally :we need APN and
MCC and MNC value:

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