How do property companies choose walkie-talkies?
Jimi loTJimi loT2019-05-16

The property management company is to provide convenient and fast housekeeping services to the majority of owners. The choice of communication tools in daily life management should be the preferred walkie-talkie. Other high-tech products developed in the current era cannot match the conditions of the walkie-talkies.

The property company is the key monitoring unit of the radio management department. What kind of walkie-talkie does the property company need to have? What are the different needs of property companies to use walkie-talkies with other users? The following is a brief description of several points of the property company's choice of walkie-talkie products:
1. It is better for the property company to choose the walkie-talkie to have some user-friendly functions, such as voice report, rain-proof, and communication products with emergency alarm button. For the most commonly used crowd security in property management, due to the sudden events that may occur during the work process, the anti-drop performance of the walkie-talkie must also reach a certain level to ensure that the property security personnel can ensure the smooth flow of the call in an emergency. smoothly.

2, the property company chooses the walkie-talkie, the choice is quality assurance, the property company is not other units with particularly large liquidity, bought and lost, lost and bought. At present, there are some products on the market, the price is low, and the quality is not guaranteed. These walkie-talkie products are some three-no products, which cannot be guaranteed after sale. When purchasing a walkie-talkie, you should carefully check the qualifications of the seller, such as: business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, product agency certificate, authorized maintenance certificate, etc., at least provide an old customer for reference.

3. It is best to buy a walkie-talkie equipped with a lithium battery. The lithium battery is light, the memory is small, and the ordinary capacity is large. And because the property management enterprise has the characteristics of discontinuous use of the walkie-talkie, the demand for the battery of the walkie-talkie is strictly in accordance with the rules. To avoid premature wear and tear of the battery of the walkie-talkie due to improper use and charging and discharging.

4. In the purchase and purchase of the walkie-talkie battery, it is recommended that each set of walkie-talkies should be equipped with two batteries. The battery charge of the walkie-talkie is mostly 500 or more. The battery is used until the red light of the walkie-talkie is flashing. (General walkie-talkies have a low battery warning. Function) When replacing another fully charged battery, reasonable use of each battery charge will prolong the use of the battery, and at the same time equipped with two batteries, it is more beneficial to work.

5. The walkie-talkie must have the information of the type of radio walkie-talkie issued by the Ministry of Information Industry of the country to ensure the legalization of the company's products. The radio management department must file the application frequency of the walkie-talkie.

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