GPS using in search for lost pets

Jimi loT2018-07-27

you ever lost a dog? Did your dog find it later? According to
statistics, millions of pets are lost in China every year. It is
believed that many people have seen the dog search notice posted on the
gate of the community or forwarded by friends circle, but few can be
found. When a pet goes missing without loss prevention measures, most of
them can not be found back by their owner.

to Mr. Yuan, the dog he lost was a 10-month-old black and white border
collie named Yangyang, which weighed 21 kilograms. He works in Changsha
and lives in Yucai road. His dog is usually taken by his parents. On
July 19, his father takes Yangyang for a walk in the gate of the
community. He did not tie traction rope for the dog since the
environment is familiar. The little dog ran away to catch up with the
other dog. The father couldn’t keep up and the dog ran out of sight. “If
I had bought a pet GPS locator earlier, my dog would not get loss. A
few days ago someone was selling me a pet-gps localizer, which can
locate dogs at unlimited distances. I didn’t care at that time, but now
the dog is gone.” Mr. Yuan said with upsetting.

The newly-launchedQbitGPS
Tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and
convenience. It stands out by compact, lightweight design for both
excellent mobility and reliability. Loaded with GPS, LBS positioning,
Qbit enables you to view real-time location from the computer, tablet or
smart phone. It is capable of withstanding extreme environment. Being
stylish, tough and accurate, Qbitis idea not only for kids, the elder and people with special needs but also for your pet.

GPS locator has built-in terminals of GPS module and mobile
communication module, which are used to transmit the positioning data
obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the
GSM/GPRS network, so as to query the terminal location on the computer
or mobile phone.

positioning: LBS base station positioning +GPS satellite positioning,
dual positioning, continuous positioning through GPS. When GPS cannot be
overridden, data will be uploaded to the server via LBS location and

Geo-fence alarm:
Set the safe range of pet activity. If it goes out of the safe range,
the mobile APP will receive an alarm message.

Replaying of historical running data:Check your pet’s history and keep track of your pet.

alarm: When the pet leaves the set security range, the device is
low-powered or the device is offline, the mobile APP will receive an
alarm message and keep track of the device’s operation.

Two-way audio: With MIC and speaker, it realizes two-way communication.

IPX5 waterproof: Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment.

a dog or cat go missing is an experience all pet owners dread. Mr. Xie,
a certified professional animal trainer and behaviour counsellor, says
the basics of ensuring a pet’s safety include a well-fitted and secure
collar with a leash, an ID tag and a GPS with up-to-date information,
and training an animal to respond to a recall using positive
reinforcement methods.

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