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In order to get you the perfect user experience of our Tracksolid platform, please read this manual before use.

The steps to use the Trackolid GPS tracking system: 

1. Open https://www.tracksolid.com. Enter the registered username and password. The initial default password before changing is: 888888.

2. Enter the main page. You will be required to change the default password at the first-time logging and adopt a new password that is more complex. After that, please log in again. 

3. Enter timezone according to your area. 

4. After that, you will enter the Tracksolid dashboard panel. 

5. The device menu contains a list of IMEI GPS tracker devices that have been registered in your account name. 

6. Edit and change the vehicle name. 

7. Click the monitor button to see the position of your vehicle. 

8. The menu from left to right is tracking, playback, command, device detail, alert and location-sharing. 

9. In the tracking menu, we can see the position and status of the vehicle. 

10. On the play menu, we can see the travel history of vehicles in the past 30 days. You can choose the time period. 

11. On the device command menu, we can set the command settings via SMS, including: SOS number, center number, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, power cut-off alarm and low battery alarm.

12. On the device details menu, we can view the detailed vehicle information. 

13. On the alert menu, we will see the report page. There are many report menus on this page that can be exported to excel: mileage, trips, overspeed, stay, idling, ignition.

14. we can share the vehicle status link.

Also, some tips on how to register Tracksolid: 

1. Register via email. 

2. If there is no Tracksolid account, we will create an account for you after receiving the registration fee, and the account should be created by your direct seller.

If you want to know how to use Track Solid APP, please click here.
If you need further help, please don't hesitate to visit our Tracksolid FAQ  or  contact us !

More at: https://www.jimilab.com/products/tracksolid-platform.html

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