GPS Phone

  • See JIMI's Second Generation of GPS Phone GK309E (Ji09)
  • How GPS works The GPS receiver has to know two things if its going to do its job. It has to know WHERE the satellites are (location) and how FAR AWAY they are (distance). lets first look at how the GPS receiver knows where the satellites a

    The Benefits of GPS tracker
  • Cellular GPS Phone Tracking One of the greatest advancements in GPS technology is the abillity to make your cell phone into a cellular GPS phone tracking device. Basically, all you need to do is obtain some software to give your cell phone

    About GPS Cellular Phone Tracking/Software Solution
  • Fortunately, Jimilab has launched a new GPS kid tracker, shown as the figure, this handy device is very small and quite cute, you can monitor there whereabouts with your personal mobile device, such as notebook computer or your mobile phone

    GPS Kid Tracker - Valuable Commodity for Parents
  • Children is the core of a family,especiallymany familieshave only one kid now,the all love focusing on them. Now, in addition to care about the childrens learning, how to protect our kids away the dangerousis also the important issue for pa

    GPS tracker Phone for Kids - let kids in your protection