Asset Tracking Solution

Provide a comprehensive visibility to ensure the safety
and security of diverse assets
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Asset Management Platform
Asset tracking solutions are designed to help minimize your operating costs and maximize asset performance. Our cloud-based asset tracking software is scalable, secure and reliable. You can track and manage equipment in a unified system. Supported by real time monitoring, you can get access to your asset's location on the computer, tablet, phone, further, you are able to optimize dispatch accordingly. With geofence alert, you could better control and protect your assets. Leveraging intuitive charet and report, you can utilize assets and streamline workflow in a more efficient way.
Asset Management Platform
Product Highlights
  • Mutiple Tracking Modes
    Multiple Tracking Modes
    Quick and easy synchronizations between the location of mobile assets and platform & app are available because of the different tracking modes designed for various usage scenarios.
  • Eco-friendly Design
    Eco-friendly Design
    With rechargeable batteries built inside, the tracking devices can be reused many times, as a result, they are much more cost-effective, helping maximize your asset tracking capabilities and achieve environmental benefits.
  • Dust and Water Resistance
    Dust and Water Resistance
    Rugged and robust design delivers high ingress protection to the devices that allows them to work stably in tough environment or under heavy-duty conditions.
  • Multiple Alerts
    Multiple Alerts
    There are various alerts & notifications that increase the security against theft and damage, once the alerts are triggered, you will get informed immediately to check the status of your assets.
  • Ultral-long Battery Lifes
    Ultra-long Battery Life
    Powered asset trackers solve the battery charging problem. Suitable battery life for different projects drives great business growth, and our different segments of devices battery life that ranges from 700mAh to 10,000mAh offer a flexible selection as per clients' projects.
  • Effortless Installation
    Effortless Installation
    The devices can be easily deployed due to their magnetic bases whose magnetic forces are several times than the gravity of devices themselves, simply placing a device on any metallic surface is an installation.
Solution Value
Enhance Asset Security
Real-time tracking and monitoring your assets with instant anti-theft alerts allow you to quickly rise to the occasion,
make smart decisions to stop any misplacement or malfeasance and prevent the loss of valuables.
  • Logistics Facilities ManagementLogistics Facilities Management
  • Logistics Facilities ManagementEnter/Exit Alert
  • Logistics Facilities ManagementMultiple Geo-fence Shapes
  • AssetsAssets
  • by any third partyBy any Third Party
  • WhereaboutsWhereabouts
Enable Visual Asset Management
Assets are bound each-to-each with the terminal based on GPS, LBS,
Wi-Fi and other positioning technologies, No matter it's the fixed assets or mobile assets, you can get asset performance visually.
  • Realize the visual and accurate positioning of the assets from the warehouse, transportation, signing, and storage.
  • Provide data for remote inventory and preventing cross-selling, stealing, hoarding.
Maximize Asset Utilization

  • Work seamlessly with asset tracking platform/APP

  • Identify and analyze performance of each asset
    pinpoint weaknesses

  • Improve asset availability and maintenance
    achieve faster responding and higher profitability.
Maximize Asset Utilization
Minimize Damage During Asset Transportation
When the temperature and humidity value exceeds the specified threshold, the terminal will automatically upload alarm notification so that the supervisor can take measures to ensure the safety of assets transportation.
Minimize damage during asset transportation
  • Construction Equipment & MachineryConstruction Equipment & Machinery
  • Logistics&ContainersLogistics & Containers
  • TrailersTrailers
  • Package TrackingPackage Tracking
  • Rental tools and equipmentRental Tools and Equipment
  • High-value assetsHigh-Value Assets
Asset Tracking
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