Asset Tracking Solution

Provide a comprehensive visibility to ensure the safety
and security of diverse assets
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Asset Management Platform
Asset Management Platform
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Enhance Asset Security
Real-time tracking and monitoring your assets with instant anti-theft alerts allow you to quickly rise to the occasion,
make smart decisions to stop any misplacement or malfeasance and prevent the loss of valuables.
  • Logistics Facilities ManagementLogistics Facilities Management
  • Logistics Facilities ManagementEnter/Exit Alert
  • Logistics Facilities ManagementMultiple Geo-fence Shapes
  • AssetsAssets
  • by any third partyBy any Third Party
  • WhereaboutsWhereabouts
Enable Visual Asset Management
Assets are bound each-to-each with the terminal based on GPS, LBS,
Wi-Fi and other positioning technologies.
  • Realize the visual and accurate positioning of the assets from the warehouse, transportation, signing, and storage.
  • Provide data for remote inventory and preventing cross-selling, stealing, hoarding.
Maximize Asset Utilization
Work seamlessly with asset tracking platform/APP, identify and analyze performance of each asset, pinpoint weaknesses, improve asset availability and maintenance, achieve faster responding and higher profitability.
Maximize Asset Utilization
Minimize Damage During Asset Transportation
When the temperature and humidity value exceeds the specified threshold, the terminal will automatically upload alarm notification so that the supervisor can take measures to ensure the safety of assets transportation.
Minimize damage during asset transportation
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