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Richer functions, lower costs, and stronger competitiveness, the ideal solution for cost-effective management of fleet business. We’re talking about the newest Jimi IoT LTE Vehicle Terminal – VL802



The VL802 is a cost-effective, highly competitive, and fully-featured 4G GPS tracker developed for the management of industrial and commercial fleets ranging from passenger cars and trucks to buses and beyond. Featuring 4G, GNSS, BLE connectivity, and multiple distinctive functions, this powerful device can be customized to optimize your operations and boost efficiency, helping you realize better fleet management at a lower cost.

Key features:

Stronger Compatibility – RS485 interface and multiple I/Os (including 2 configurable I/Os) satisfy the needs of different industry applications.

Two-Way Communication – Hands-free communication with your on-road employee instead of using the phone! Phone-use-induced fines or accidents can be decreased significantly! So as unauthorized calls!

Remote Listen-in – Inconspicuous mic allows for remote audio monitoring of the environment around the device. You can enable this feature any time, giving you more flexibility, be sure that your employee is always safe.

Driving Behavior Analysis – detection of fatigue driving and 4 other dangerous driving behaviors, helps you monitor how your vehicles are being driven and improve drivers’ driving skills.

Fuel/Temperature Sensor – prevents fuel theft and leakage, also the damage to goods caused by abnormal temperature, further adding to the security of your fleet.

With all these mentioned distinctive features and more to explore, the VL802 can be an ideal choice for your fleet management, enhancing your business operations at a lower cost.

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