VL502 「LTE OBDII Tracker – CAN Bus Data Reading」

Jimi loT2022-06-09

Better Compatibility with Vehicle, Enhanced Anti-Interference Ability, Stronger On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), Further Boost to Your Business Operation.

We are talking about the VL502 – a new solution we bring to our customers that features CAN Bus Data Reading, making it an ideal choice for individuals as well as fleet managers who would like to track their vehicles in applications such as courier delivery, car sharing & rental, insurance telematics (UBI), car dealerships, corporate fleet management and more.

With this device, you will be able to read key data of vehicle such as VIN number, odometer, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, vehicle speed, battery voltage, engine RPM, and trouble codes. In this way, you can locate the areas in your fleet vehicle’s operation that need improvement, thereby minimizing overheads of fleet maintenance and maximizing vehicle uptime, further enhancing the safety of on-road vehicles.


·Predictive Maintenance – fleet vehicles can be monitored in the cloud platform to predict and avoid breakdowns

·Real-Time Car Diagnostics – near-real-time wireless OBDII data transfer to the cloud platform helps troubleshoot the vehicle issue

·Maintenance Costs Optimization – statistical report visualizes all relevant data and helps optimize fuel consumption, driver behavior, etc.


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