JC450 series Multi-Channel Dashcams Fully Integrated into TrackSolid Pro

Jimi loT2022-07-15

From driving monitoring (DMS) to following distance detection (ADAS), fleet operators can have better visibility into their vehicles on any device from anywhere 24/7, and drivers and assets are safer on the road.

The JC450 series is an LTE dashcam system designed specifically for use in commercial vehicles. This feature-rich camera system is capable of recording 4/5 separate channels simultaneously and provides valuable ADAS and DMS algorithms that actively help drivers improve awareness and safety on the road by providing real-time, actionable alerts. Video clips triggered by key events or the in-cab SOS button will be uploaded to the cloud for later review or evidentiary support. Other features of this system, including support for peripheral sensors, the ability to connect via WiFi, and expanded on-device storage make the JC450 series a perfect solution for a variety of applications across multiple industries.




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