Company Profile

As a leading provider of IoT modules and end-to-end solutions for a wide variety of applications, JIMI is passionate about the design, intelligent manufacture, sales and operation of a wide range of IoT devices and services. 

Over the past 20 years, JIMI’s solutions have been used all over the world to help customers add value in a wide variety of industries ranging from fleet management and warehouse management to shared mobility and intelligent security products. 

Every day, some 6 million devices are tracked with JIMI’s Tracksolid platform, our own back-end software solution that has, to date, seen more than 12 million total connected devices. We are very proud of this number, and equally passionate about increasing our presence in the IoT field. 

At JIMI, we strive to anticipate and exceed the needs of all our partners while helping them to add value to their business, increase efficiency and visibility throughout their systems, or ensure the safety and security of their loved ones. In an ever more connected world, finding innovative ways to simplify and manage these connections is paramount. Here at JIMI, we enjoy what we do, and we are good at it. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together to make connections simpler. 


  • Chongqing JIMI Headquarters was formally established
  • JIMI IOT founded for overseas brand & marketing
  • Shenzhen JIMI Technology Branch launched for internet software
  • Huizhou Golden chip Manufacturing Plant founded, focusing on PCBA
  • Headquarter move to Shenzhen, Concox was founded
  • Huizhou New Thinking R&D Center became a provider of electronic products and solutions
  • A working group aimed to create a better life.

Certification & Achievements
  • Chongqing JIMI Headquarters was formally established
  • Guangzhou Jimi Office was established
  • Passed the certification of ISO9002 and the number of terminal users reached over 3 million
  • JIMI IoT founded for overseas brand & marketing
  • Passed the certification of CMMI and the number of terminal users reached over 2 million
  • Terminal users went over one million
  • Be approved in the certification of Hi-tech enterprise and pass ISO9001
  • Became a member of Shenzhen Industry Association
  • GSM/GPS products launched to the market

  • Obtained the Ascertainment Certificate of Software Enterprises