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  • In recently years, various events reflecting the drop of moral level have occurred frequently,There are a lot of racketeering incidents, plus the aggressive traffic, therefore, preserveing evidence to maintain your legal right in driving be

    Will a Rearview Mirror Camera really help you in an accident?
  • Theres a high cost to outfitting each truck with a GPS integrating tracking and information with existing legacy infrastructure. Tracking, route planning and logistics management is a complex set of software thats been carefully calibrated

    How can we track parcel shipment through GPS
  • Many high value shippers now have programs in place that contractually require the carriers to arrive to origin with full fuel tanks, enough hours of service for driver to service the requirement of traveling at least a minimum of 200 miles

    Why we need covert cargo AGPS devices in the cargo
  • One year in and bike sharing apps are transforming Chinese cities, but oversight and environmental impacts are a concern. Almost one hundred Chinese cities, from Beijing to Lhasa, now have bike-sharing schemes. The bikes, clad in various co

    Bike-share programs protected by high-quality GPS locks
  • Over the past years, BSS(Bike Sharing Systems) have evolved from unsupervised to fully automated systems. In the beginnings, bike sharing suffered from anonymous use that led to theft. In recent years, the implementation of information syst

    Information Systems Support of Bike Sharing Systems