• In 2004 when the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission began requiring all NYC taxicabs to start using a taxicab technology system, or TTS. The physical device was installed in the backseat of taxicabs, and among other things, would p

    Advantages of Utilizing Taxi GPS Tracking
  • Motorcycles frequently lack anti-theft technology. Motorcycle theft prevention can easily be helped by adding an activated GPS tracker. 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau state that motorcycle thefts were up 2% to 46,467. As we roll into

    Best anti-theft tracking devices for motorcycle
  • There are Three major positioning technologies. A phone can figure out its location in several ways: by using GPS, Assisted GPS or Wi-Fi positioning. GPS connects to satellites orbiting the Earth, and figures out where it is compared to the

    GPS vs AGPS vs WiFi Positioning Accuracy
  • GPS Tracking Device remind most people of criminal investigators, but a suspicious partner or ex is the more likely culprit. They tend to use cheap trackers that stick out like an elephant in a haystack. You can still find most smaller devi

    How To Detect A GPS Tracker On Your Car
  • For any business, it is extremely important to save, especially in terms of wasteful and preventable expenses. A GPS vehicle tracking system is essential for effective fleet management. This becomes possible due to the accurate and real tim

    How can a vehicle tracking device help in Logistic business?