Jimilab’s TELEC Certified Products: Your Secure Connection in Japan

Jimilab’s TELEC Certified Products: Your Secure Connection in Japan


In the dynamic landscape of the Japanese market, Jimilab’s array of products has been making significant strides. With the esteemed TELEC certification as a mark of their quality and adherence, we proudly introduce the VL02, VL501, and LL01 – With the prestigious TELEC certification as a testament to their quality and compliance.

The VL02: Elevated Connectivity and Security

Among the offerings, the VL02 has emerged as a notable choice in the Japanese market. Demonstrating LTE Cat M1/NB2 and GSM capabilities, it ensures reliable connectivity even in remote regions. The remote cut-off feature for fuel and power contributes to efficient resource management, while ignition detection offers real-time insights into vehicle activity.

Safety takes precedence with features like the panic button and door status detection, designed to provide peace of mind during travels. For those seeking advanced monitoring, the optional fuel/temperature sensor and RFID reader offer customizable solutions. The VL02’s provision of multiple alerts ensures timely notifications for critical events.

The VL501: Streamlined Efficiency and Monitoring

Amidst the competitive Japanese market, the VL501 stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. Basic driving behavior analysis simplifies fleet management, offering insights into driver habits. Contributing to comprehensive fleet oversight.

Efficiency remains a hallmark, with the VL501’s fast charging design minimizing downtime. The inclusion of a panic button underscores our commitment to security. Multiple alerts ensure users stay informed and in control, catering to businesses that value real-time updates.

The LL01: Versatility and Reliability

The LL01’s presence in the Japanese market showcases its adaptability and durability. Equipped with GPS & LBS positioning and support for LTE Cat M1/NB2 and GSM, it ensures consistent connectivity. The inclusion of a robust 10,000mAh rechargeable battery ensures sustained operation, mitigating concerns about power availability.

Built to endure diverse conditions, the LL01’s IP65 rating reflects its resilience against dust and water. The tamper alert feature enhances security by notifying users of any unauthorized access. Simplified setup through Bluetooth configuration and easy installation via the strong magnetic base make LL01 a versatile choice.

Embrace Excellence with Jimilab

The growing traction of the VL02, VL501, and LL01 in the Japanese market underscores their value and relevance. Backed by TELEC certification, these products epitomize Jimilab’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. As we continue to craft products that simplify and secure, we invite you to explore our offerings further.

For a comprehensive look at our TELEC certified products and to experience the future of connectivity and security, visit our official website at jimilab.com. Join us in embracing excellence with products that resonate with reliability.