Seamless Safety Solutions: JC400’s Dual-Camera Advancements

Seamless Safety Solutions: JC400’s Dual-Camera Advancements


In an era where roads are the arteries of business, and safety is the heartbeat, JC400 emerges as a revolutionary video telematics system that seamlessly intertwines advanced technology with cutting-edge features. With its dual-camera setup, real-time tracking precision, driver monitoring prowess, and more, the JC400 redefines road safety and fortifies your business interests. Designed to cater to the needs of taxi services, car insurance providers, and commercial fleets, JC400 sets a new benchmark for road safety and business security.

Dual-camera Precision

JC400 comes equipped with two high-resolution cameras, each with a distinct purpose. The integrated 1080P road-facing camera captures the external environment in immaculate detail. Meanwhile, the detachable driver-facing camera employs Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology, ensuring constant vigilance and alerting the driver to any signs of drowsiness, fatigue, or distraction.

Cloud-based Video Storage

In the unfortunate event of an accident or reckless driving behavior, JC400 springs into action. It captures crisp video clips that are promptly uploaded to the cloud for later review and evidentiary support. The 4G module facilitates swift data transmission to the cloud-based platform, enabling prompt responses and immediate actions.

Real-time Tracking

Powered by the GNSS module, JC400 offers real-time and precise location data for fleet vehicles and cargo. This real-time tracking capability enables vigilant monitoring, ensuring streamlined operations, and rapid responses to unforeseen incidents. The historical route tracking adds another layer of analysis, assisting in identifying patterns and optimizing routes.

Panic Button for Immediate Assistance

Safety is non-negotiable, and JC400 stands as a testament to that commitment. In the face of emergencies, the panic button (SOS) empowers drivers and passengers to initiate emergency calls to preset numbers. The platform not only triggers immediate assistance but also marks the event for subsequent review. The external SOS button is strategically positioned for quick activation, offering peace of mind to all.

Application Across Industries

JC400’s capabilities transcend industries, making it an indispensable tool for:

Taxi Services: Elevating passenger safety and building trust among drivers and riders alike.

Car Insurance: Offering accurate and irrefutable evidence for insurance claims processing and minimizing fraudulent activities.

Commercial Fleet: Revolutionizing fleet management, promoting driver safety, and optimizing overall operational efficiency.


JC400 is more than just a telematics system—it’s a transformative solution that amalgamates technology, safety, and business protection. By incorporating JC400, your business can confidently navigate the roads of tomorrow while upholding safety, efficiency, and accountability at every turn.

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