JM-VL02: Highlight Product at MWC Las Vegas 2022

JM-VL02: Highlight Product at MWC Las Vegas 2022


At the end of September this year, Jimi will bring  self-developed products to the United States for MWC Las Vegas 2022, and JM-VL02 is one of the highlight products.

The JM-VL02 is designed to handle industrial and commercial fleet applications ranging from rental agencies and public transportation to construction equipment and beyond. With ACC detection, SOS button, remote fuel/power cutoff, and various other I/Os for peripherals, this powerful device can be customized to streamline your operations and boost efficiency. Built with a cutting-edge communications module leveraging the Cat-M1/Nb-IoT networks with GSM fallback, the VL-02 will be helping to maximize your fleet operations for years to come.

1.Wide Range of Uses, Broad Usage Scenarios

JM-VL02 in addition to the basic remote cut-off, SOS button, ignition detection and other functions, there are powerful types of sensors and accessories available, such as door status detection, which provides effective insight into the status of the vehicle and will receive an alert if the door is accidentally opened; in addition, the fuel/temperature sensor can be used to monitor the fuel level or temperature, increasing the visibility of the operation and helping to save money;also equipped with multiple instant alerts for atypical events, such as impound, geo-fencing access, abnormal vibration, speeding, etc., it helps managers to know where the vehicle is at first. It is its wide range of uses and powerful functions that enable it to be used in many usage scenarios such as construction machinery monitoring, fleet management, and public transportation.

2.RFID Reader Available

RFID reader can identify the driver’s identity when starting the vehicle, and collect and upload the driver’s identity proof to realize the human-vehicle matching, which is conducive to improving the solution efficiency in the management issues such as attendance and chasing, and when the vehicle problem is found, it can match the driver most efficiently and deal with the problem. In addition, the function of limited identification of driver identity can also play the role of theft prevention.

3.Certified by PTCRB for North American Market

The PCS Type Certification Review Board, also known as the PTCRB, is a certification board established by North American cellular operators to test mobile phones, IoT devices, M2M devices and modules, and similar hardware operating on mobile networks.

It’s important for operators and device manufacturers to ensure their devices are PTCRB-certified, as doing so ensures compliance with cellular network standards.

Without PTCRB certification, device manufacturers won’t be able to interoperate with many North American cellular carriers.

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