How to Use a Car GPS Tracker?

How to Use a Car GPS Tracker?


A Car GPS tracker is a device that utilizes loaction-based technology for a variety of applications. It allows its users access to information about their whereabouts, their present speed and direction, and distance to certain destinations and even allows them to record their travels. By using the GPS tracker you will be able to track your car, truck, or any other vehicle that can be GPS enabled.

The primary purpose of a GPS car tracking device is to let you know where your vehicle is at all times, and there are many scenarios where that can be helpful. For instance, if your car was stolen but you had a tracker installed, you could provide the police with its location.

How to Use a Car GPS Tracker?

There are two types of car GPS trackers: wireless GPS trackers and wired GPS trackers. Wireless GPS trackers can be placed anywhere on the vehicle. This kind of GPS tracker can be used for up to 2-3 years. It is usually used in long-distance transportation or shipping. Wired GPS trackers are directly connected to the car battery to upload positioning data in real-time.

You will need a GPS tracker that has an App installed on your phone, such as Tracksolid Pro . The tracking device guides you to the location of your vehicle in real-time, so you can track its position and communicate with it through the App. You will also receive notifications when your vehicle is moving into or out of the coverage area, as well as when it enters and exits a predetermined geo-fence on its route. You can also send commands via SMS messages.

Does a GPS tracker work when the car is off?

Yes, a GPS tracker works while your car is off. A satellite connects to your vehicle whenever it is running and has a unique identifier when the car isn’t in use. The tracking feature is ideal for an individual that wants to keep track of their car while they are out of town, away from home or enjoying time with friends. When the driver returns home or turns off their vehicle’s engine, the tracker still uploads location data, and will send instant alerts for atypical events such as impounding, collision, abnormal vibration, etc. And the geo-fence setting allows users to be instantly alerted when a car enters or exits the range of a specific area.

What is the positioning accuracy of a car GPS tracker?

GPS locators are divided into civilian and military types. The military type has particularly high accuracy requirements, so the maximum difference between this type of locator is 1m. However, the error value of the civilian car GPS tracker is within 10m under normal and interference-free conditions, and the error within this range is normal.

The errors of the vehicle-mounted GPS tracker mainly include the area where the vehicle is located, the terrain, time, positioning mode, the number of base stations, and sometimes satellite drift when it is static. It will be more accurate when it is dynamic, and it will also be affected by the upload interval and network delay.

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