What is GPS and its uses?

What is GPS and its uses?


GPS is a high-precision radio navigation positioning system based on artificial earth satellites. It can provide the accurate geographic location, vehicle speed, and precise time information anywhere in the world and in near-Earth space. The GPS system is everywhere, on your smartphone, car, or watch, and GPS can help you get where you want to go.

How GPS Works

GPS implements the concept of “difference time of arrival” (delay): the time difference of arrival from the satellite to the receiver is obtained by using the precise position of each GPS satellite and the navigation information generated by the continuously sent onboard atomic clock.

GPS satellites continuously transmit radio signals with time and location information in the air for GPS receivers to receive. Due to the distance factor of transmission, the time when the receiver receives the signal is delayed compared to the time when the signal is sent by satellite, which is usually called the time delay. Therefore, the distance can also be determined by the time delay. The satellite and the receiver generate the same pseudo-random code at the same time. Once the two codes are time-synchronized, the receiver can measure the time delay; multiply the time delay by the speed of light to get the distance.

Three elements of GPS

• Satellite: Satellites orbiting the Earth, transmitting signals to users based on geographic location and time of day.

• Ground control: The control part consists of the ground monitoring station, main control station, and ground antenna. Control activities include tracking and operating satellites in space and monitoring transmissions. There are monitoring stations on almost every continent in the world, including North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

• User Equipment: GPS receivers and transmitters, including items such as watches, smartphones, and telematics devices.

What are the uses of GPS?

GPS is a powerful and reliable tool for businesses and organizations in many different industries. Surveyors, scientists, pilots, fleet managers, and mining and agricultural workers are just some of the people who use GPS in their daily work. They use GPS information to prepare accurate surveys and maps, make precise time measurements, track locations or locations, and navigate. GPS works at all times and in almost all weather conditions.

(1) GPS is applied to navigation. It is mainly used for positioning and navigation of moving objects such as ships, cars, and airplanes. For example, it is used in ship ocean navigation and port diversion; aircraft route guidance and approach and landing; car autonomous navigation, ground vehicle tracking and urban intelligent traffic management; emergency lifesaving; personal travel and field expeditions and personal communication terminals (with mobile phones, PDAs, integrated electronic map, etc.) and so on.

(2) GPS is used for timing and frequency correction. It is mainly used in the time synchronization of electric power, post and telecommunications, and communication networks, the grant of accurate time and the grant of accurate frequency, etc.

(3) GPS is used in the high-precision measurement. Mainly used in various grades of geodetic survey and control survey, road and various line stakeout, underwater topographic survey, crustal deformation measurement, deformation monitoring of dams and large buildings, GIS applications, construction machinery (tire crane, bulldozer) control and precision agriculture.

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