Personal Tracker PG201: Helping Forestry Patrol Smarter

Personal Tracker PG201: Helping Forestry Patrol Smarter


According to Agence France-Presse, the forest fire season is not over yet, and provisional fire statistics in the European Union are still climbing, with more than 660,000 hectares of forest fires since January, setting a new record for the same period every year since satellite data statistics were launched in 2006. According to reports, since January 1, 662,776 hectares of forests in the European Union have been hit by fires. The year 2022 is France’s most challenging in 16 years. The situation in Central Europe is no less unusual. In July, it took firefighters more than ten days to contain the largest fire in Slovenia’s contemporary history. In the summer alone, “2022 is already a record year,” said Jesus San Miguel, coordinator of the European Forest Fire Information System.

The importance of IoT + forestry patrol can be seen from the frequent forest fires. When a fire suddenly comes, if it cannot be reported in time, the scene condition, location and other information description is unclear, it is impossible to effectively dispatch command, thus missing a good time to rescue; at the same time, in cases where it is not convenient or feasible to grasp the ranger’s location, it is impossible to effectively ensure the personal safety of rangers and patrol efficiency.

PG201 is a smart personal tracker designed to handle field personnel management in a range from sanitation workers to field crews. It is also a portable terminal that is lightweight, compact and has an ultra-long standby time. The two-way communication design allows staff to use this device to quickly dial up to three important contacts, and the emergency button is equipped so that employees can seek immediate help with the push of a button. In addition to these features, the synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures that the location is accurately displayed on the cloud platform.

The above features can well solve some inconveniences and shortcomings of the existing patrol management. When facing a fire, the patroller can be accurately positioned to get in touch with him in time to understand the situation on site; at the same time, when the patroller is in danger, he can get medical assistance in time. When there is no danger in normal working hours, the equipment can also regulate the inspection behavior, strengthen the quality of inspection, and supervise the rangers to carry out patrol on time to the forest area they are responsible for, so that the quality of patrol work is guaranteed. Thus, it can realize the scientific, standardized and intelligent prevention and control work of forestry/scenic area/nature reserve, greatly improve the quality and efficiency of patrol management and protect the ecological environment.

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