Jimi IoT LL303 Asset Tracker – ensure the safety of your assets

Jimi IoT LL303 Asset Tracker – ensure the safety of your assets


Nearly $3.48 million worth of goods were stolen from a Georgia port in late February, drawing scrutiny from all walks of life. “Cargo theft is often unknown, but it’s a relatively serious crime,” said Cornell,a crime and theft specialist. Cornell said he was even heard of organized criminals stealing goods worth as much as $30 billions of dollars. According to CargoNet.com, most thefts don’t take place in ports, but when truck drivers are parked in parking lots or gas stations, these organized criminals come out.

Transport companies, shipping companies, and ordinary consumers are all vulnerable to cargo theft in varying degrees. As a company that creates long-term value for society, JimiloT is committed to helping traditional industries transform and collaborate through digital technology. We are confident that our products will meet your needs if you have similar concerns.

In addition to its 4G LTE connection, the LL303 features multiple positioning, IP67 water resistance, and supports both solar and magnetic charging. It is suitable for outdoor vehicles such as trailers, excavators, mixers, and muck trucks. Satellite positioning and 4G communication technology are integrated into the terminal, and it is capable of intelligent positioning, timing positioning, ultra-long standby positioning mode, disassembly alarm, sound and light alarms, RFID identification, Bluetooth external expansion, and other features as well.



The following five benefits of LL303 will ensure that your valuable assets are protected effectively.

Solar/Magnetic Charging

A solar charging system keeps the product maintenance-free. The device is equipped with a 169.6 x 83.1 mm large-area solar panel that occupies a total of 5/6 of the total area. It can provide a steady stream of power for the positioning device on sunny days. Unlike other charging interfaces, the magnetic interface is designed to charge quickly and reduce interface wear, resulting in longer battery life for outdoor work in inclement weather.

Quadruple positioning/4G full Netcom

Multi-location accuracy is improved by using GPS/BDS/LBS/Wi-Fi with the product.LTE communication with GSM (2G) fallback ensures a solid connection in almost all cases.

Vibration Alarm/Anti-Demolition Alarm

A vibration on the vehicle will trigger the alarm to upload the information in time, preventing theft of property; abnormal dismantling of the equipment will trigger the alarm to upload the information automatically.

More new features in new products

This product is dust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion – allows for stable operation outdoors; intelligent upgrade – supports terminal remote OTA upgrade; built-in RFID (optional) – reads the device remotely.

Adapt to a variety of scenarios

This product has a wide range of applications and can be used in construction sites, containers, road transportation, ship freight and so on.

According to Zhao Song, the LL303 4G solar GPS tracker was born to help businesses manage their fleet effectively through data-driven, visualized, and intelligent management. It is incredibly easy to install and can be used across a wide range of applications.” LL303 offers high-quality features in both appearance design and function expansion, and its installation is also very simple, so it’s an ideal solution for enterprises to upgrade their fleet management intelligently.

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