JImi Concox Products Showcased at SYSCOM Expo 2022.

JImi Concox Products Showcased at SYSCOM Expo 2022.


SYSCOM Expo 2022 was successfully held from 16th to 18th of February. The SYSCOM Expo is an annual event that takes place in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is solely sponsored by SYSCOM. SYSCOM is a leading provider of communication and electronic security equipment and systems across Mexico and Latin America and beyond. SYSCOM offers a full range of solutions for emergency, communications and electronic security. Jimi loT & Concox is one major supplier of SYSCOM for GPS Trackers and Dash Cameras. Our latest 4G and 3G GPS trackers, like JM-VL03, JM-VL01, GT06E, AT6, as well as Tracking Platform TracksolidPro received high praise from visitors.
As strategic partners , glad to say that Jimi IoT & Concox takes up around 80% share in SYSCOM GPS product portfolio.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of professional wireless communications and telematics products, Jimi IoT & Concox is dedicated to providing reliable products and customized solutions to customers around the world. This time, our 3G and 4G tracking terminals for vehicles/assets as well as our proprietary platform—TracksolidPro were showcased in this exhibition. It grabbed the attention of many visitors. Get a glance of the products showcasing at the expo:

Terminals for Fleet Management:VL01VL03VL04, and GT06E
Terminals for Asset Management:AT6
Proprietary Cloud Platform:TracksolidPro

In addition to those exhibited at the SYSCOM EXPO 2022, we can provide more to our customers, including personal trackers, equipment trackers, bike trackers, etc. Another news worth mentioning is that the new Video interface for our TracksolidPro platform is completed and we are hoping that will better your experience with us.JimiIoT & Concox has always been striving to provide you with reliable products empowered by cutting-edge technologies to build stronger, more robust connections between devices, and simpler, more direct connections between users.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our products and our company.

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