LL302-Application Of Temperature And Humidity Sensors In Cold Chain Logistics

LL302-Application Of Temperature And Humidity Sensors In Cold Chain Logistics


Sensors are a very important part of IoT industry, and there are many different kinds of sensors. They are usually connected to the host computer using AD port, serial port and other communication ports to achieve a specific function in the whole system. In the IoT industry, sensors such as gravity sensor, load sensor, fuel sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, etc. are often used. These sensors usually transmit data in the form of regular data reporting, and the amount of data collected is very large, but usually only the collection of a large amount of data to achieve comprehensive data analysis, so as to produce effective value. This article will describes how cold chain logistics can be enhanced by using LL302 temperature and humidity sensors.

Take LL302 asset tracker as an example, the temperature and humidity sensors attached to the tracker, can monitor the temperature and humidity changes in the carriage in real time, when the temperature and humidity exceed the limit will automatically alarm, clients can view the real-time level of data reports through the cloud platform, in the case of abnormal levels will also receive timely alerts. LL302 applicable temperature range of -20 ℃ to +70 ℃ (± 0.5 ℃), the applicable humidity range of 0% to 100% (± 5% RH), this range has been able to use multiple scenarios of logistics and transportation. In addition, the alarm interval can be set in the cloud platform to adapt to the needs of different scenarios.

In a cold chain logistics application scenario, pre-consumer food is usually produced, stored, transported, sold, and handled in a low-temperature environment, so that food is always kept fresh. The requirements of cold chain logistics are relatively high, and the corresponding investment in management and capital is also greater than that of ordinary room temperature logistics.

With the gradual development of fresh food logistics, cold chain transportation has become an important guarantee for food preservation, and the monitoring of temperature and humidity is one of the most important aspects of the cold chain transportation process. Most of the food products have different temperature and humidity adaptability, and only by keeping the temperature and humidity within a reasonable range can the freshness be maintained to the greatest extent. However, in the actual transportation process, there are often various reasons for unexpected changes in the temperature and humidity of transportation. If the temperature and humidity changes are not obtained in time, it is likely that the company will suffer damage to the goods and cause large losses.

The application of temperature and humidity sensors can supervise the process specification of the transporting enterorises to make sure that the goods in transit are always in the right temperature and humidity environment, to avoid damage to the goods due to temperature and humidity changes, ensuringthe safety of the goods. Cargo owners, fleetmanagers and cold chain logistics enterprises leaders can log on to the monitoring cloud platform anytime and anywhere to achieve full temperature monitoring of the entire cold chain transport chain, to ensure that the temperature of the refrigerated transport process is under control, thereby improving the temperature control capability and credibility of enterprises.

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