Video Telematic Solutions
for Fleet Safety
Video telematics solutions are integrated with AI-powered dashcam to assist fleet managers to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase overall fleet safety through both offline and real-time driver coaching.
Make better use of the fleet with real-time visibility
Never lose track of your fleet and driver. With real-time GPS tracking, live streaming video, insightful reports, fuel consumption control, driving behavior monitoring, routing management, alarm and notification system, you can view vehicle inspection information all from the Tracksolid platform.
Protect your commercial vehicles and coach your drivers
Improve driving styles to minimize maintenance costs and insurance claims. With the help of DMS technology, fleet managers can gain insight into driving information collected from the video telematics device. Alert and coach the driver when the following driving behavior are detected:
Minimize your liability risk
Minimize your liability risk
Combined with AI-powered dash camera system and cloud Platform, Jimi video telematics solution helps capture what you matter and provide answers to when, where, why and how around accidents and other incidents. An up-to-6-month event video playback can be viewed, which is useful in legal disputes, work completion verification, and other situations.
Minimize your liability risk
Enhanced Safety with Better Response
In emergency cases, the driver can make emergency calls by pressing the panic button, and the operator or manager can also perform remote control in time. Through real-time supervision and situational awareness, fleet manager is able to assist drivers immediately and optimize response. Contact Us
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