Flespi is a telematics and IoT cloud backend platform by Gurtam, one of the leading brands in the telematics industry with 20 years of industry experience. The idea behind flespi is to provide developers with convenient ways to consume telemetry data from a variety of GPS tracking and IoT devices in a unified normalized format.

Flespi is ready to establish two-way communication with 1000+ types of telematics devices working over 100+ protocols. In addition, flespi features rich data transformation capabilities and a powerful analytics engine.

In terms of the quality of service the flespi platform prides itself on the 99.999% uptime (in 2021) which is well above the industry average. This means that customers get virtually uninterrupted access to their data and can expect stable data flow into their solutions.

With all of the above, flespi is a comprehensive platform to build your telematics or IoT solution upon. The core of the platform is a powerful API that enables any actions with the platform. Flespi takes care of all data-related tasks, what’s left for the customer is to find the best way to deliver value to the end-user.