Intelligent Public Security Solutions

In an ever-changing world and ever-evolving working environment, highly-efficient resource deployment and quick response to customers is a must for every business group strives for survive and growth.

To better response when emergency strikes, a secure, reliable and efficient intelligent security solution is in urgent demand. 

Solution Architecture
Stay a step ahead and act in real time with instant, actionable information.
Solution  Architecture
Solution Highlights
  • Unlimited Communication
    Unlimited Communication
    Both individual and group call services can be established instantly without geographic restriction.
  • Group Call Capability
    Group Call Capability
    Enable an instant meeting through a group call to collaborate or deliver an urgent voice message to multiple people simultaneously.
  • Real-Time Uploading
    Real-Time Uploading
    Real-time photo and video can be recorded and automatically sent to the specified dispatching center.
  • Voice Recording & Playback
    Voice Recording & Playback
    All incoming / outgoing calls can be recorded and stored on the dispatch system server.
  • GPS Positioning
    GPS Positioning
    Tracks the location in real-time.
  • SOS Emergency Call
    SOS Emergency Call
    Under emergency or distress situations, the user is able to initiate the emergence call and an alarm (tones) will be sent to other users.
  • 4G / WiFi / Bluetooth
    4G / WiFi / Bluetooth
    Stay in touch inside industrial buildings and other environments where cellular coverage may be limited.
Powerful Dispatch Platform
Prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats more effectively.
  • 4G network real-time monitoring
    Facilitate quicker response times by enabling dispatchers to accurately capture and rapidly transfer information to officers in the field.
  • Multiple & separate screen
    Multiple views and multiple displays are available. All information can be captured at a glance. No need to switch between different views all the time during operation.
  • Voice monitoring
    The dispatcher can remotely call device and hear what's happening at the device's location.
  • Various access privileges
    Multiple levels of access privileges can be defined by users for access control. According to the specific needs, each access level can be assigned only to selected units or the entire group.
  • Text and data exchange
    Real-time exchange of free form text messages between individual users or groups.
  • Geo-fence
    Notifications will be triggered when someone enters or leaves the predetermined area.
Solution Value
  • Improve Accuracy & Response Times
    Improve Accuracy & Response Times
    Facilitate quicker response times by enabling dispatchers to accurately capture and rapidly transfer information to officers in the field.
  • Optimize Operations
    Optimize Operations
    Increase security while reducing the complexity, time and cost of your radio and infrastructure management.
  • Real-Time Uploading
    Enhance Visualization & Analytics
    It is imperative to understand what is going on in real-time, not after the fact. Predictive analytics is a must.
  • Share Data Quickly & Securely
    Share Data Quickly & Securely
    Share records quickly and securely with your regional agency partners to increase safety in neighboring communities and improve reporting.
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