Fleet Management Solutions

Optimize your fleet and keep costs down

Understanding costs related to vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, driver performance, insurance and service is an important function for any business.

GPS Fleet Tracking make it possible to enhance safety, increase efficiency, achieve compliance and promote sustainability.

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Severe Challenges
  • Costs overrun
    Costs overrun
    Operating costs were up across the board in 2018, costing fleets an average of $ 71.78 per hour to run freight, according to the American Transportation Research Institute.
  • Driver management
    Driver management
    You may have taken the time to hire the best drivers for your fleet, but the fact remains that you are not with them 24/7. Finding a good solution to monitor your drivers' performance and help them improve their driving skills is essential.
  • Manual tasks
    Manual tasks
    Traditional fleet management techniques led to excessive time spent on menial administrative tasks.
  • Limited visibility
    Limited visibility
    Lacking the visibility into the condition of your vehicles doesn't help you maximize their utilization, your vehicles are supposed to work for a longer period before scrap or resale.
Solution Architecture
Fleet Management Solutions
Tracksolid Platform
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Real-time trackingReal-time tracking


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Management BI BoardManagement BI Board

Reports & AnalyticsReports & Analytics

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Solution Highlights
  • Reduced cost
    Reduced cost
    Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by more intelligently monitoring and managing driver and vehicle performance.
  • Greater insight
    Greater insight
    Achieve comprehensive visibility with real-time monitoring of location, vehicle, and driver data.
  • Improved efficiency
    Improved efficiency
    Optimize the efficiency of your fleet performance with real-time alerts and notifications, as well as automated reporting.
  • Enhanced competitiveness
    Enhanced competitiveness
    Maximize profitability by optimizing your operations, streamlining processes, and maintaining a sustainable advantage over competitors.
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Application Area
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    Corporate Fleets
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  • Long-distance Transport
    Long-distance Transport
  • Government Vehicles
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Fleet Management
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