Bike-sharing Solution

Concerns about global climate change, energy security, and unstable fuel prices have caused many decision makers and policy experts worldwide to closely examine the need for more sustainable transportation strategies.

Bike-sharing is becoming one of the booming industry. Though it helps solve the "last-mile" problem, but for sharing business operators and managers, the bike-sharing industry is still facing many challenges.

Bike-sharing Solution Benefits

Reduced vehicle operating costs and saved employee time.

Improve the work efficiency of managers, and contribute to overall bicycle safety.

Enhance company differentiation, competiveness and user engagement.

Offer a great chance for people to choose active transportation for short trips.

Increase recreation and improve the sociability of a city.

Our Solution

Seamlessly combined with HW and SW, the solution effectuates information interaction among operators, users and bicycles, bringing superior riding experience and visualized operation.

Smart GPS lock
Cutting-edge and Distinctive Urban Design

The lock is designed with style in mind. With smooth surfaces and soft edges, it feels great in your hand and looks better on your bike.

Secure and Reliable

It is able to withstand inclement weather conditions. The internal components are sealed and weatherproof inside a

plastic compartment. The electronics and battery can also operate under an extended temperature range.

GPS / LBS Positioning System

Receive GPS signal and Wi-Fi/LBS signal synchronously. Faster searching and locating speed realizes more accurate bike location.


Create a virtual barrier that is created by using the GPS to define geographical boundaries.

Stable and Durable Hardware

Advanced manufacturing technique and severe temperature tests ensure its durability.

The locks look factory-fresh even after 600+ hours salt spray tests and 100,000 times unlocking tests.

Long Battery Life

With 10000mAh Li battery and intelligent power management, it can work constantly for nearly 45 days and perform 10,0000 lock/unlock operations.

OTA Remote Update

AMS end system management platform makes it easy to update the GPS Bike lock remotely.

Efficient, Stable and Safe unlocking

With high sensitivity chips and OTA dark chamber, the smart GPS Bike lock meets the requirements of products TRP/TIS tests. Its signal transmission exceeds industry standards, making unlocking faster and more efficient.

Smart GPS lock

Users can simply unlock the bike by QR code scanning, SMS, GPRS or Bluetooth via their mobile phone, and then start to ride. Before riding, the app will show them where the bike is supposed to be placed after their trip. When riding finished, users can view and share the historical routes as well as statistics including miles traveled, calories burned, cost, etc.

• Unlock the bike via a mobile device

• Bike's real-time status and exact location (whether bike is in use or parked)

• Detailed previous ride routes and time

• View and modify account information

• Check billing information

• Share rides with other users

• Contact customer service and receive a prompt response