• Electronic Offender
  • Electronic Offender
Electronic Offender
The number of accused and convicted criminal offenders who are monitored with ankle bracelets and other electronic tracking devices rose sharply in recent years. The GPS Offender-Tracking bracelets are not just devices worn around ankles. They're part of a complex system for monitoring the movements and activities of pretrial defendants or convicted offenders on probation or parole. The system offers a robust integration of tracking, communication and mapping technologies that enable operators to efficiently track offenders, indoors and out, at varying levels of intensity.

Monitoring platform
Monitoring platform
Two-way Communication
Two-way communication
SOS call
SOS emergency call
IP67 grade
IP67 grade
6000mAn battery
6000mAH polymer lithium battery
Android 7.0 system
Android 7. 0 operating system
5.0 Inch IPS Screen
5.0 inch IPS screen, 1920*1080 resolution

How JIMI Offender-Tracking System Works

The offender tracking solution comprises ankle-worn electronic tracking devices, walkie talkie and the application software, all fully-integrated from device-to-cloud, connected through a secure, wireless network.

  • GPS ankle bracelet
  • GPS + LBS + WIFI positioning
  • One-piece design, tool-free installation
  • Rugged, adjustable and reusable ankle strap
  • Light-weighted (less than 500g) and ergonomic design
  • Reserved interface for various needs
  • Magnetic lock and mechanical lock for double protection
  • Built-in 3500 mAh battery for 75-hour standby
  • Belt on/off detector, geo-fence alarm, low battery alarm (≤30%), etc
  • Walkie talkie for monitoring and supervision

The walkie talkie is a special device for supervising officer and wearers. Bound with ankle bracelet by UWB, the walkie talkie can get real-time information of the bracelet and communicate with platform.

  • 5.0 inch IPS screen; 1920*1080 resolution
  • Android 7. 0 operating system
  • 6000mAH polymer lithium battery
  • IP67 grade
  • SOS emergency call
  • Two-way communication
  • The distance error between walkie talkie and bracelet is less than 20cm. Alert will be triggered if the distance between walkie talkie and bracelet is beyond pre-set value
  • Monitoring platform

The monitoring platform assists the supervising officer in managing their case loads. Through our technology and equipment, the platform is constantly analyzing the data it receives from the ankle bracelet.

  • One interface for monitoring and GPS tracking programs
  • Remote upgrade and configuration of equipment
  • Automatic notifications via SMS and email to pre-defined distributions lists
  • Flexible and customizable reporting of locations and violations
  • Application