Jimi IoT Releases LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker for CAT M1/CAT NB2 Network.

Jimi loT2020-04-03

a leading IoT solutions provider, Jimi IoT is proud to release the all-new JM-VL02,
an LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker for the CAT M1/CAT NB2 networks, and our latest
device to help meet the needs of a growing IoT network market.


JM-VL02 is a multi-interface device that uses the latest CAT M1 & NB-IoT
technology. A TTL/1-wire interface makes it possible to connect an RFID reader,
fuel sensor, temperature sensor or MCU box. With all these options, the
applications for the JMVL-02 are wide-ranging, including fleet management,
private vehicle security, public transport dispatch, construction machinery
monitoring, and more. Regardless of your use case, you’ll enjoy the cost
savings and long battery life provided by optimized data transmission and
ultra-low power consumption.

all-new JM-VL02 can provide:

•  Ignition

•  Remote Immobilization

•  SOS button

•  Vibration

•  Geo-fencing

•  Towing/power
supply disconnection alert

•  Route

•  Driver
behavior monitoring

•  Fuel
consumption management

•  Temperature

•  Vehicle door
status alert

benefits of JM-VL02 series can be seen in:

Streamlined Operations

GPS tracking allows you to monitor your fleet in real time while automated
reports provide insight into driver behavior, improving fleet management

Reduced Service and Maintenance Costs

JM-VL02 can help you reduce costs in a variety of ways. From everyday data like
route management and fuel usage to other protections such as  sending a notification if a burglar enters or
damages your parked car, Jimi telematics solutions may pay for themselves
quicker than you may expect.

Improved Driver Safety and Customer

our web- and app-based platform, fleet managers can monitor bad driving
behavior such as speeding, harsh acceleration/braking and lane departure. By
coaching their drivers, operators are able to enhance fleet safety and improve
resource efficiency. In the event of an accident, an in-cabin SOS button can be
activated, immediately notifying first responders or other assistance.

the ever-advancing world of IoT technology, Jimi has always maintained a
forward-looking strategy, and we strive to consistently launch state-of-the-art
GPS tracking devices to meet the always evolving market demands. With the
JMVL-02 and beyond, Jimi is committed to making connections simpler.

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