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  • A waypoint is GPS lingo for a location or point that you store in your GPS receiver. Some manufacturers also call them marks or landmarks. A waypoint consists of the following information: Location: The location of the waypoint in whichever

    How to set waypoints in your GPS receiver
  • A number of GPS receivers are on the market. Usually a GPS receiver with more features costs more. GPS manufacturers have done a pretty good job making user interfaces easy to use. After you know the basic concepts of GPS receivers and are

    How many GPS Receiver Features you may need to know?
  • Geocaching sounds pretty intriguing, doesnt it? But before you can try it out, you need a few things. You probably already have many pieces of the requiredgear, and your biggest investment will be a GPS receiver if you dont already have one

    What you need to geocache-Selecting a cache to look for
  • It was just a few years since the launch of the first GPS satellite. As the constellation grewand, along with it, a method of tracking that further enhanced the ability of humans to observe and gather datathe question of sensory augmentation

    Better Living Through GPS Tracking Devices
  • GPS DEVICE HISTORY The GPS is an acronym for global positioning system and is an American system that consists of a system of 24 geosynchronous satellites in the Earths orbit. In any place on Earth, three or four satellites should be in vie

    Something you might not know about GPS device history