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  • Compared with the 4G network, 5g network transmission speed is hundreds of times faster, but also has wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection, low time delay and other characteristics, with the support of 5G Network, things i

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  • There are three main changes that 5G has brought to the smart home: The first is a significant increase in transmission rate. One of the key features of 5G compared to 4G is the significant increase in transmission speed. 5g can basically d

    <b>There are three main changes that 5G has brought to the smart</b>
  • The monitoring system is made up of, surveillance cameras, switches, routers, network dvrs, and so on. Of course, different application scenarios may have different requirements for surveillance cameras. The purpose of this article is to gi

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  • So is there any limitation for you to install a WiFi and cellular battery powered security camera? To put it simply, as long as there is cellular service in your place (you can make phone calls and send texts), you should have no problem pu

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  • Before going home, the air conditioner has been turned on. After going home, the hot water has been burned. The rice has been cooked automatically. The news content that needs to be browsed every day is regularly pushed to your mobile phone

    5G era is coming  smart home is going to flourishing